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JustTiff here, and I'll tell ANYbody 'bout a GOOD thAng! That's why I established Grand Concierge. I increase brand awareness for visionaries who either don't have the time or expertise to manage their necessary social media presence.

I promote brands via social media content creation, engagement, and management while you do what you love: meet face-to-face with clients, create awesome products, and provide amazing services. I give you back the time you need to handle your business and be GREAT!

My work centers around my passion for Friendpreneurship: Visionaries Supporting Visionaries! When entrepreneurs and others doing GOOD thAngs support one another, the sky's the limit! Learn more by exploring my "Friendpreneur Friday" Live IG Chat Series, and then consider being a guest!
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I increase brand awareness for visionaries via social media,
aiming to bring attention to you and your brand while you do what you love.
Pic of female African-American entrepreneur working. She's wearing a white hat and yellow jacket. She has long wavy hair.
One who has never used social media to promote your brand and needs to establish an online presence, or one who promotes your brand on your personal social media accounts and wants to elevate.
Either way, you're in the right place!
I have several service packages to suit your needs!
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for monthly rate
If you have an online presence but no time to ENGAGE, I'll provide 30 mins of daily organic engagement, local promotion, comments, and direct messages!
for monthly rate
So you're just getting ESTABLISHED, huh? I'll create and schedule your posts after doing niche-specific hashtag research.
for monthly rate
Ooooh, you want to go a STEP FURTHER? Okay, engagement is included in this package.
for monthly rate
...say you want to DO IT BIG? These packages include more template designs! I'm ready when you are.
Need help identifying and addressing gaps in your online presence so you may become even more impactful in the market or community? I'll do an audit for you!
View  full pricing sheet with details. Not sure? Complete needs assessment.

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"Friendpreneur Friday" is a weekly Live IG Chat series with passionate visionaries about their WHY. Learn more...

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I'll tell ANYbody 'bout a GOOD thAng! Everyone has a God-given talent, and when a person discovers theirs and passionately pours it into their brand—that's a GOOD thAng worth tellin'!

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I can help you identify gaps in your Instagram and Facebook presence so you may become even more impactful in the market. Contact us today!

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